• BASE POOL COST is relative to the square footage of water surface area.  
    For example, a small pool 300-350 sq.ft. would start in the mid 20’s and graduate up to mid 30’s to low 40’s for larger residential pools (Albuquerque area pricing).  Shape of pool does not affect pool cost.

  • DECK APRON COST – the cost of the surrounding deck area is a function of two factors .  First they must determine how much deck surface area they will require, example 100 perimeter foot pool with 4’ of deck apron would have between 450 and 500 sq.ft of deck surface depending on pool shape, multiplied by the price per square foot for the type of deck they desire.  Example, colored concrete with broom finish would be $8.00/sq.ft.  500sq.ft. x $8.00/sq.ft.= $4,000.00 .  Using this method the customer can come up with an approximate deck budget number.

  • POOL COVER – manual safety covers average around $4.00/sq.ft. for rectangles and $6.00/sq.ft. for custom shapes .  Example – a 400sq.ft. pool including overlap would be a 500 sq.ft. cover on a rectangle pool would be 500 x $4.00=$2,000.00.  For freeform shape 500 x $6.00 = $3,000.00. 

    (Automatic covers start in the mid/upper $6,000 range to mid $7,000 range for larger residential pools)

  • AUTOMATIC CLEANING SYSTEMS range from $900.00 – 1500.00 for robotic type cleaners.  Built in the pool floor cleaning systems start in the $4,000 range and scale up to $6,000 – 7,000 for larger pools.

    a.   Automatic erosion feed chlorinators start at $300.00
    b.    Salt chlorine generators start at $2500.00

  • ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT SANITZER SYSTEMS start at $800.00 for small pools up to $1500 for large pools.